2.0 Update / Postmortem

After 1 and a half years I decided to go back on Escape from Mustwin County Prison (Which is a really bad name). I expected to find something of a turd in terms of quality, but instead what I found was a non-polished adventure game, which was something surprising. So I ended up polishing it a little bit, by adding new UI, text, and some other changes which are in the change log.

Playing through 1.0 was certainly not the best, however, for the 30-odd people who did play it, 2.0 is better. I assure you.

I do feel like this game holds something special in my heart, and if I were to remake it, it would be certainly bigger and most likely in 3D, making use of Unity's 3D pipeline. You can play the new updated version at the game page.


  • Added 'win' state
  • Added 'ferry' state (This was somehow not in 1.0, which meant that the Glider ending could not be achieved.)
  • Changed UI
  • Changed Text (Now uses TextMesh Pro, text should be clearer)
  • Fixed Typos
  • Fixed Glider ending

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